RETEVIS RT97 Portable Analog 10W VHF/UHF Repeater

The Retevis RT97 is a portable, Analog, 10 Watts VHF and UHF repeater which can be easily deployed either using a vehicle power adapter or installed in doors with the supplied mains power supply.

With a UHF frequency range of 400 to 470Mhz and a VHF range of 136 to 174 Mhz this portable repeater will cover most frequencies for any type of user.

Up to 16 channels can be pre-programmed, using the supplied programming cable and the free software from the Retevis resource website.  The RT97 also has a handy LCD which shows current TX/RX frequencies, power level setting and whether the repeater is currently in use.  The keypad can be locked, so that the channel is not changed accidentally.

Built out of sturdy metal the casing is extremely robust and any user can feel confident that the electronics within is very well protected, especially when using the RT97 outdoors.

The RT97 has just one antenna connection, meaning the connected antenna is used for receive and transmit simultaneously.  This is due to the high quality inbuilt duplexer.

Initial on-air tests produce amazing results with extremely punchy audio and great reception/transmit sensitivity. Keep an eye on my blog for further information and video when I take this awesome piece of gear out into the field for testing!


About the Author: M0DQW