Allstar Node Controller released for iOS

Since building my node and getting hooked on Allstar, I used my skills to create a cool little app which controls my node.

While I was wondering around the house like a gormless zombie I discovered that in order to change my nodes connected node I would have to stroll upstairs to the shack, log into Supermon on my PC, disconnect from the current node hub and reconnect to another. Well I wasn’t having any of this so I set out to learn how to control the Node with a simple to use iOS app.

Allstar Node Controller was born!

Now I can control my node with a touch of a button!

A few days later and we now have the app live on the iOS app store! (Currently working on the Android version) 😉

Check it out if you have an iPhone.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

About the Author: M0DQW