DV MEGA AMBE3000 Review / Setup

I originally intended to use this on my pc with BlueDV to be able to connect to the YSF reflectors, but to my disappointment BlueDV (at the time) did not support connecting to YSF reflectors.

However, with that being said, DMR and DSTAR work amazingly well. The local  repeaters to me already cover DSTAR and DMR+, but Brandmeister is non existent, so the only way to access the BM talkgroups was through the use of the DV Mega.

I set this up on my Windows 10 PC using the BlueDV software from David, PA7LIM (http://www.pa7lim.nl/bluedv) along with a RODE NT-USB studio microphone. Available here: https://amzn.to/2GZxCJq

The audio quality was pretty darn impressive and using my pc speakers, or a set of headphones, I could quite clearly hear the people I was talking to.  Setup was also pretty easy, take a look at the below videos for setup information with BlueDV. This also supports the ThumbDV too!

Because of the lack of Fusion support (with using the PC as the transceiver) at the time, I did sell on the AMBE3000 dongle. However, I plan to invest in a pi-star or SharkRF openspot at some point in the near future.


About the Author: M0DQW